There are dozens of scenarios that people are preparing for.  Some of them can seem quite silly and very unlikely, but most of them have at least some legitimacy.  So what should you be preparing for?  When getting started, I always recommend my clients apply the age-old philosophy, “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!”  At the same time, balance the worst-case scenario with what is most likely to happen.

If you were to ask most threat assessment experts, the worst case scenario would be a full-scale nuclear war with Russia or China.  On the flipside of this threat is the fact that it is unlikely to happen in the near future.  While I know that many people who lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis may vehemently disagree with me, most experts say the possibility of that happening in today’s political climate is very slim.  Besides, there isn’t much you can do to prepare for a surprise nuclear bomb being dropped on your head and there wouldn’t be very many places you could go to live and still avoid the worldwide radioactive fallout that would ensue.

The next worst case scenario would be the electric grid going down for an extended period of time as a result of a massive solar flare, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, or physical/cyber attack.  Most Americans have never even heard of the EMP threat and almost every American assumes that electricity will magically flow into their houses without interruption forever.  You can’t really blame them, that’s all they have ever known.  Without the homesteading skills of the last century, and no way to transport food around the country, most Americans would die within a year of losing electricity

I know that some of you are planning for a massive financial collapse, major pandemic, and other possible scenarios.  While I agree that those are very legitimate scenarios in our country’s future, the effect on everyday survival is not nearly as catastrophic as losing the electric grid.  In those circumstances, you still have the ability to go shopping, use the phone, and drive your car, etc. (at least for the first couple weeks/months).  I challenge you to research how likely it is we’ll lose the electric grid in the near future.  In fact it’s amazing it hasn’t happened already.  Admiral Rogers is the Commander of the US Cyber Command.  You need to watch his testimony he gave to Congress a few months ago on our infrastructure’s vulnerability.  I will sum up Admiral Rogers’s testimony in a few short sentences for you in the meantime…  America’s critical infrastructure (including the electric grid) is completely vulnerable to attack by multiple enemy nations and groups who ALREADY have the knowledge and the ability to literally “flip the switch” on our electric grid at any time.  It is his biggest fear as the Commander of US Cyber Command and he fears a traumatic attack in the very near future which will result in massive loss of life and property….. Also watch  James Woolsey the former CIA director with Ted Cruz talk about how an EMP is worst than Nuclear War…  90% of Americans will die in the first year.  If you have never looked into the vulnerability of America’s electric grid, I challenge you to do your own research, then contact us to help put your plan together.   We will save you time, money and maybe your life.  Click here to get started.