Confidential Consulting

For Homesteaders, Preppers and Survialist

What Are You Preparing For?

Why are you thinking about prepping/getting prepared? What is your main fear about the future? Define your most pressing concerns and fears. How would their occurrence would affect your day to day life. Be realistic and think “independence” as most events will render our grid system of electricity inoperative or marginal at best. Communications will be degraded or nonexistent. Deliveries of critical goods will be infrequent if at all. You must be able to survive as an independent entity. What will you need to do that? And for how long?

What We Do

We provide confidential consulting services to businesses and individuals, including risk assessment, disaster preparedness and planning, contingency and continuity planning, crisis management, and disaster recovery and reconstruction. We can also help you, or your company, with plan implementation and testing. All consulting engagements are custom tailored, and priced according to the needs of the client. Use our Contact Form for more information.

Note: All consultations, and the information obtained throughout the process will be kept confidential; we will never disclose any personal, or corporate, information to anyone without the client’s express written authorization, except as may be required by State or Federal law, or by court order.


A phone, Skype or personal consultation is a great way to get direct, personalized guidance regarding your preparations and planning. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation with Garvin to assess where you are with your preparations and planning, and where you would like to be. During your consultation you will have the opportunity discuss your particular situation and to get answers to any questions you may have.

What You Get During a One Hour Consultation:

  • Direct access to Garvin during a private consultation.
  • Help in identifying key preparedness concerns.
  • Assistance Strategizing and prioritizing issues.
  • The assurance of confidentiality.
  • Individualized answers to questions, and concerns.

Topics we can cover:

Survival Groups, Self reliance, EMP and Faraday Cages, Firearms and Alternate Weapon Creation, MAGS, Martial Arts Defense Training, Bug out Vehicles and Locations, Communications Technology in relation to survivalism, food preservation, food storage, water procurement. water filtration, water purification. alternative shelter, alternative power, barter, trade, gardening, natural disasters, emergency medicine, wilderness medicine, trauma care, bush-craft, fire making, urban preparedness, hygiene, grid down, off grid options, edible landscaping, bug out bags, bug in bag, foraging, wild edibles, building community, urban homesteading, herbs, tinctures, essential oils, alternative medicine, bee keeping, blacksmith, canning, dehydrating, grain milling, solar cooking, etc.


Personal phone or Skype consultations are available, with a one hour minimum. Prepayment is required and consulting fees are non-refundable. We will not, under any circumstances, provide any legal advice, legal/financial guidance, nor answer any legal questions.

In person consultations are available.

Contact Information:
Preppers Consulting LLC.
Matthews, NC 28105
(704) 494-9564

Or use our online Contact Us form.